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Secrets to Investing In Uncertain Times | World Knowledge Forum
Economic/Financial 2022-11-15


Inflation, the war in Ukraine, interest rates – these are some of the many reasons cited for tumultuous markets in the first half of 2022. Equity markets, venture capital, private equity, cryptocurrency have all seen significant losses. Yet the economy also continues to send some contradictory, positive signals: the job market in the US has continued to remain strong, and July showed signs of a bounce back rally in US equities. In such a conflicting and contradictory environment, what strategies are Korea’s most sophisticated investors and ultra high net worth families using to find stable, above average returns? TCK’s predictions at last year’s conference (vis a vis KOSPI, private markets, and dollar investment) turned out to be prescient and accurate. In this year’s session, TCK Investments Founder and Chairman Ohad Topor, along with TCK Senior Advisor Mr. Young-key Hwang will share deep insights on staying ahead in uncertain times. #investment #housingmarket #inflation ☆ WKF | ☆ Facebook | ☆ Instagram | ☆ Twitter | ☆ YouTube│ ✻ World Knowledge Forum's lecture contents are copyrighted by Maekyung Media Group. Acts such as illegal downloading, re-uploading, and re-editing are prohibited.




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