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When will Net Zero be accomplished in S.Korea? | World Knowledge Forum
Industry 2022-11-08


Lower Carbon and Affordable Energy Transition | Brian S Yoon (SK Gas, CEO), Ali Izadi (BloombergNEF, Managing Director and Head of Asia-Pacific)Coping with the climate crisis is a global priority, requiring global commitments and cooperation across national boundaries, across sectors of the economy, and across the political spectrum. Coming out of COVID, the global oil and gas market has already been suffering from tight supply and now, triggered by Russia’s war in Ukraine, energy security has become a hot issue to the energy industry: the energy trilemma. We need to solve the ‘energy trilemma’ by supplying more reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy. There is no one-size-fits-all-answer, and we must acknowledge that seeking multiple solutions will contribute to the long-term energy mix. Key enablers are technology and investment. During this session, the leaders from the industry gathered to have comprehensive discussions on key technologies, approaches, and solutions to accelerate decarbonized energy future whilst maintaining an affordable energy supply.☆ WKF |☆ Facebook |☆ Instagram |☆ Twitter |☆ YouTube│✻ World Knowledge Forum's lecture contents are copyrighted by Maekyung Media Group. Acts such as illegal downloading, re-uploading, and re-editing are prohibited.





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