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[WKF 2022] Creativity drives Economic and Social Growth | Mark Read (CEO of WPP)
Humanities/Literature 2022-10-14


Why Creativity, Technology & Communications Play a Crucial Role in Economic and Social Growth | Mark Read (CEO, WPP) Mark Read, CEO of WPP, has a deep understanding of the industry having held multiple leadership positions at WPP since he joined in 1989. During this speech, Mark will outline the impact that creativity, technology and communications bring to communities, businesses and cultures as we face continued uncertainty and volatility in economic and social progress. From leading with purpose, which drives organisations to make bold and game-changing decisions, to using the power of communications to have a positive social impact to driving inclusion, diversity and development. Mark will use examples from WPP’s global business alongside personal views of the power that creative transformation (and those that practice it) can bring to the worldwide community. #wpp #creativity #communication ☆ WKF | ☆ Facebook | ☆ Instagram | ☆ Twitter | ☆ YouTube│ ✻ World Knowledge Forum's lecture contents are copyrighted by Maekyung Media Group. Acts such as illegal downloading, re-uploading, and re-editing are prohibited.




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