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Brunello Cucinelli: My Idea of a New Social Contract with Creation | World Knowledge Forum
Humanities/Literature 2022-09-28


Brunello Cucinelli who is considered as “a concrete thinker, a cultural promoter and a true patron of our times” advocates for moral and economic dignity, proposes a new social contract with Creation, and conveys his ideals of humanistic capitalism. Based on the ideas of ancient philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, and Rousseau, he looks back on the present generation and emphasizes the necessity of a new social contract in human life. Brunello Cucinelli will discuss the importance of a social contract based on humanistic capitalism, such as an environment to be preserved for future generations and the world in which they will live, and the harmony between interests and giving back to the community. #brunello #Cucinelli #creations ☆ WKF | ☆ Facebook | ☆ Instagram | ☆ Youtube│




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