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The Future of Clinical Trials | Glen de Vries
Technology 2022-02-22


With growing demands for non-face-to-face or contactless environments across the society due to COVID-19, various remote services using Information Technology (IT) appeared across industries. The bioscience and healthcare sectors were not exceptions. As the visits of patients or clients to the sites became difficult during the pandemic, it affected the recruitment process of patients for clinical trials and severely disrupted the trials accordingly. ¡®Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT)¡¯ is drawing attention as the new paradigm of clinical trials to overcome such restrictions in the clinical environment. DCT is a method that enables participation of a clinical trial through IT solutions and mobiles without any physical visit to the site, unlike traditional clinical trials. In addition, it provides benefits to all stakeholders, including patients, clients, and CROs. It not only increases the speed and efficiency of the trial but offers opportunities to more patients and helps collect the data of patients remotely in real-time. This speech session will examine the future of bioscience and healthcare by discussing the various benefits and effects of DCT, global trends of DCT, and the meaning of digital transformation in the bioscience and healthcare industry. ☆ WKF | ☆ Facebook | ☆ Instagram | ☆ Youtube│




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