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Storytelling in Documentary Film│Caroline Suh (Documentary Filmmaker)
Humanities/Literature 2022-02-22


Storytelling through the documentary film is a way of making sense of the world. Documentaries can help shape our understanding of complicated realities and give them meaning. At their best, nonfiction films can also create empathy and understanding for people from different walks of life. And once in a while, a documentary film can turn real life into art. This talk will explore the many approaches to making documentaries, from choosing stories, to dealing with multiple “truths,” to choosing a style that best represents the material, to the importance of realizing that in the end documentaries are a subjective art form where the filmmakers inevitably bring their own point of view to the subject matter. Choosing subject matter is a subjective choice to begin with – a choice that determines what stories we memorialize of the human experience. This brings us to the importance of supporting new, diverse voices in storytelling in order to understand an increasingly chaotic but connected world. #BlackPink #Documentary #Storytelling #TheRollingStones


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