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This year marks the 21st anniversary of the World Knowledge Forum.

The World Knowledge Forum is a wonderful occasion for global professionals and scholars to get together and share knowledge. Thanks to technological advancements, we overcame physical distance limitations, and we are sharing knowledge with the global community through various platforms. Indeed, the pandemic-driven shift to remote interactive communication has played a pivotal role in further globalizing the World Knowledge Forum.

The World Knowledge Forum 2022 is taking place during a time of dramatic change. Despite multilateral efforts to overcome the post-COVID crisis, the global economy faces unprecedented shock, and a series of negative consequences are heavily impacting the international community's future.

Tough times are ahead for the global economy. Russia's war on Ukraine is creating a new kind of Cold War, and the global financial crisis is impacting the real economy. Central banks around the world, led by the US Federal Reserve's decision, are increasing interest rates to combat the effects of elevated inflation. This severe inflation is a result of the governments' excess liquidity throughout the pandemic to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

History tells us that golden opportunities are often created during the most troubled times. The Republic of Korea is also seizing another chance to turn crises into opportunities, especially as the new Korean government was inaugurated recently. This year, the World Knowledge Forum will be held under the theme of "Supercompensation: Restoring Global Prosperity & Freedom."

Supercompensation is a sports science theory that refers to the body recovering above and beyond the pre-training fitness level through intensive training. If we overcome these times of great disorder, we can turn this crisis into "growing pains" for a better future. To this end, we must take proper actions to deal with the lingering uncertainty and post-COVID disruptions.

We kindly invite you to the World Knowledge Forum 2022. Please enjoy the privilege to meet the world-renowned professionals and global leaders from diverse industries who will actively share their insights. During the three-day event, constructive meetings will be held to seek measures to achieve balanced growth and prosperity for a better future. We guarantee to fill your precious time with valuable knowledge and insight.