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Registrants will be informed of the results for submitted registration after it is processed by the WKF secretariat.

Please understand that we have many speakers that restrict media coverage and photo taking.

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  • Register for open sessions. (As part of our social contribution, certain sessions are selected annually to be available for free)
  • In addition, you can receive various information on the World Knowledge Forum.

Registration Fee

$ 2,000

  • The registration fee above is valid only to foreign passport holders who do NOT reside in Korea.
  • If you are residing in Korea, the registration fee is 3.6 million Korean won(or equivalent amount in USD).
  • The amount in dollar includes 10% VAT. The registration fee above is equivalent to 40 percent of what domestic participants pay.
  • The 22nd World Knowledge Forum will be held both online and offline considering the COVID-19 situation.
  • If you are registered, World Knowledge Forum sessions can be watched on mobile devices without further registration process.
  • For detailed information, please contact the Registration Office.
  • Submit one of the following documents that prove you are non-Korean(ex: e-ticket, passport copy, proof of employment, etc) via e-mail(wkf_reg@mk.co.kr / registration@wkforum.org).

WKF Secretariat

  • Address : Maekyung Media Center, 190, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 04627
  • Tel : (02) 2000-2620~4
  • Registration E-mail : wkf_reg@mk.co.kr / registration@wkforum.org
  • E-mail : ask@wkforum.org