Dr. Andreas Weigend is passionate about people and the data they create. Until 2004, he was the chief scientist of Amazon.com where he worked on building a customer-centric, measurement-focused culture. His main contributions were in the areas of computational marketing and incentive design. Deep insights into how people behave online were obtained by combining experiments with state of the art algorithms.
Andreas now works as an independent consultant with exciting firms including Alibaba, Lufthansa, MySpace, and Nokia. He helps them leverage the principles of the consumer data revolution for innovating products and business models. He also serves on boards and advisory boards of start ups, more on his blog. He is also a limited partner in San Francisco's Founders Fund II, and a partner at The Conversation Group working with its clients on emerging trends in social media and data strategy.
Andreas shares his insights in speaking engagements, including O¡¯Reilly¡¯s Web2.0 conferences, Burda¡¯s Digital Life Design in Munich, the first Open Web Asia in Seoul October '08, and the World Business Forum ¡¯09 in Milan. He is represented by Monitor Talent.
In his spare time, he enjoys teaching at Stanford (Data Mining and Electronic Business), and at UC Berkeley (Marketing in Web 2.0 at the Haas School of Business, and The Consumer Data Revolution at the Information School). Since 1994, he has also been teaching executives at the top universities in China (currently The Digital Networked Economy at Tsinghua/INSEAD).
Andreas lives in SanFrancisco, Shanghai, and on weigend.com

Special Session
09:00 - 18:30 Open Web Asia 08  [speaker]