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Special Session Value Creation by Design and Brands
Special Session 10:30~12:30 Merrill Lynch Wealth Report
Special Session 14:00~17:00 Meditation- A Spiritnal Perspective
Special Session 09:00 - 18:30 Open Web Asia 08
Special Session 14:00 - 18:00 KM Case Study
Special Session Collabonomics by Design
Special Session 2008 Social Entrepreneur Summit
Special Session Korea-Japan Business Forum
Special Session Strategic Role of North Korea
Special Session Trend Watch 2009
Special Session Brand Glocalization 2009
Special Session Challenges for Millennium Development Goals
Special Session Art, Investment Portfolio
Live at Wall Street Solution on Financial Crisis

[Special Session] Value Creation by Design and Brands
Oct.15th 17:00-18:10, Mugunghwa Hall 1

Gone are the days when price and quality solely determined a company’s competitive power. Nowadays, competitiveness in software such as design and brand has emerged as the key factors that determine the fate of a company. The growing importance of soft competitiveness is driving design and brand, which used to have limited applicability in fashion, to expand its presence to other areas such as home appliances, IT, sports goods, automobile, household appliances and architecture. Consumers now recognize a company by its brand, rather than the company’s name. A key example is Lexus (Toyota). This session will provide detailed methodology on enhancing a brand value by improving design capabilities.
CHOI Yoon He    Vice President,  Brand & Company
SCHREYER, Peter   Chief Design Officer ,  KIA Motors
MOORE, Patricia   President ,  Moore Design Associates
KELLER, Kevin   Professor,  Dartmouth College,Tuck Business School
GIOVANNONI, Stefano   Architect/Designer ,  Giovannoni Design SRL

[Special Session] 10:30~12:30 Merrill Lynch Wealth Report
Oct.14th 18:00-18:02, Cosmos Hall

Merrill Lynch will release the “Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2008” with the analysis of nine Asia Pacific countries on their distribution of the wealthy and their investment configuration. Merrill Lynch has researched on the wealthy with the net property of one million dollars excluding housing. The aftermath of the recent financial crisis via the U.S. has spotlighted the growth of Asia Pacific countries. This session will guide you to the ebb and flow of wealth.

[Special Session] 14:00~17:00 Meditation- A Spiritnal Perspective
Oct.14th 18:00-18:03, Art Hall

Dattatreya Siva Baba is a scholar mystic originally from India and currently living in the U.S. Dattatreya Siva Baba is also the founder of Soul Genetics and Mind-Sound Technology. Tripura Foundation is the charitable and humanitarian division of Baba's organization. The meditation session will be non-religious based, primarily using sounds to shift ones consciousness and it will certainly soothe the intense lifestyle of modern people. The all-famous YouTube meditation Baba will lecture on “Collabonomics: Meditation Solutions for Wealth and Power.” Also, discussions will be held and there will also be time to nadi palm leaf reading.

SIVA BABA, Dattatreya   Meditation,  Spiritual Leader Tripura Foundation

[Special Session] 09:00 - 18:30 Open Web Asia 08
Oct.14th 18:00-18:01, Grand Hall

‘The Social Web’ is the theme that will be discussed by business leaders, web technicians and venture capitalists. Let us take a look at the future of the social network that has taken the global community by the storm. Let us also share ideas on how the boundaries of social network can be extended to the Asian community.

9:00 - 9:30
Opening Remarks: Korean Ministry of Culture

9:30 - 10:30
Keynote Speech
Andreas Weigend, Consultant and Lecturer
Kim James Woo, CEO of Yahoo!'s Korea Region

10:30 - 11:00
Panel discussion
Moderator: Andreas Weigend
Panelists: James Woo Kim, Yozo Kaneko, Sam Flemming

11:00 - 11:30
Morning Break

11:30 - 12:10
Presentations on social media,mobile internet, and online gaming

James Wei, President, Opera Asia Pacific
Kevin Dai, CEO, Comsenz
Shusaku Maruko, GM, Felica Networks
Akio Tanaka, Partner, Infinity Ventures
Jimmy Kim, EVP, Nexon

12:10 - 13:00
Panel discussion

13:00 - 14:30

14:30 - 15:10
Introduction to Asia’s social web

Benjamin Joffe, CEO, Plus8Star
Ram Lee, Head of Communities, Naver
Jean K. Min, Director International, Ohmynews
Loic Le Meur, CEO, Seesmic
Andy Yao, VP of 51.com

15:10 - 16:00
Panel discussion
Moderator: Benjamin Joffe

16:00 - 16:30
Afternoon Break

16:30 - 17:30
The challenges ofinternationalization from or to Asia

Kent Lindstrom, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Friendster
Bill Wang, VP, Perfect World
Arthur Chang, VP Global Sales, Alibaba.com
Yongseok Jang, VP, Ebay Asia
Yongjoon Hyung, CEO, Storyblender

17:30 - 18:00
Panel discussion
Moderator: George Godula

18:00 - 18:30
Wrap-up speech
Jason Calacanis, CEO of Mahalo.com

KIM, Taewoo Danny   Full-time blogger & author of Meconomy, 
TANAKA,Akio   Co-founder&Managing Partner,  Infinity Ventures
CALICANIS, Jason   CEO,  Mahalo
WANG, Bill   Vice President,  Perfect World
LE MEUR,Loic   CEO,  Seesmic
JOFFE, Benjamin    CEO,  Plus8Star
MIN, Jean   Communications Director,  Ohmynews
WEI, James   President &head of APAC,  Opera Software
MARUKO, Shusaku   General Manager,  Corporate Strategy Department, FeliCa Networks
JANG, Yongseok   Head of Strategy and Business Development,  eBay Asia Pacific
WEIGEND, Andreas   Former Chief Scientist ,  Amazon.com
HYOUNG,Yongjoon   Cyworld,  Founder
KIMBER, Richard   Chief Executive Officer ,  Friendster
KIM, Jimmy   Executive Vice President,  Nexon Corp.
DAI, Kevin   CEO,  Comsenz
KIM, James Woo   CEO ,  Yahoo! Korea and Overture Korea
KANEKO,Yozo   Chief Operating Officer ,  ngi group
CHANG, Arthur   Vice President,  Global Sales in Alibaba.com

[Special Session] 14:00 - 18:00 KM Case Study
Oct.14th 18:00-18:04, Cosmos Hall

Case studies on knowledge management by world famous companies are up for grabs. The world’s largest steel company Tata Steel and India’s IT giant Infosys are just some of the examples. The proud winners of MAKE Award will be announced.

14:00~14:30 Keynote Speech 1: Mr.Ved Prakash
14:30~15:00 Keynote Speech 2: Mr. H Jha, Tata Steel
15:00~15:10 Break Session
15:10~15:40 Keynote Speech 3: Mr. Raj Datta, MindTree Ltd.
15:40~16:10 Keynote Speech 4: Mr YOON Dong-jun, Senior Vice President of POSCO
16:10~16:20 Break Session
16:20~16:40 Panel Discussion
16:40~18:00 Case Study and Q&A
CHASE, Rory    Managing Director,  Teleos
DATTA, Raj   Vice President ,  MindTree Ltd.
JHA, Hridayeshwar   Vice President ,  Tata Steel
YOON, Dong-jun   Senior Vice President ,  POSCO
PRAKASH, Ved   General Manager & Head of Knowledge Management,  Wipro Technologies

[Special Session] Collabonomics by Design
Oct.16th 14:00-15:10, Mugunghwa Hall 1

Recently, the world has been witness to several business collaboration models that surpass the boundaries of type and field of business. This is a clear example of the current trend of focusing on convergence and collaboration. Now that companies have become interested in strengthening their design competitiveness, the number of design-centered collaborations is on the increase. Let's take a comprehensive look at the relationship between brand and design and its outlook. Let's also take a look at some past and present examples of collaboration as well as the experience collected for decades by professionals from famous global companies that have enhanced their brand power through design.
MOORE, Patricia   President ,  Moore Design Associates
KIM, Young-Se   CEO/Designer,  INNO DESIGN
PARSEY, Tim   Partner UX Director, Entertainment and Devices Division,  Microsoft Corporation

[Special Session] 2008 Social Entrepreneur Summit
Oct.16th 15:30-16:40, Vista Hall

Just as Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, proposed, creative capitalism in the 21st century will change the world. Global citizenship, which actively participates in global issues and voices one opinion has become a major subject. This special session will provide a glimpse of those very people who have established social ventures, developed a win-win system with the underprivileged class and are carrying out creating creative capitalism. This session will paint the current picture and provide an outlook on the social ventures. A beautiful model of social ventures will be presented that will leave a lasting impression on everyone.
DUBEE, Frederick    Senior Advisor ,  UN Global Compact
AUBRY,Rick   President ,  Rubicon Programs
KARPES, Dennis   Founder ,  Dance4Life
MUSILLI, Brenda   President ,  Intel Foundation

[Special Session] Korea-Japan Business Forum
Oct.16th 09:30-11:40, Cosmos Hall
The Now and Future of Wind Energy

The excess use of fossil fuel is accelerating global warming. With the soaring of oil prices, saving energy has become the topic of hot debates as natural resources are becoming exhausted faster than you think. In this context, we shall look at how wind energy, one of the most productive alternative energies, is being developed. We will also discuss on the outlook of its future.
The government of the two countries are structuring policies for wind energy development and investing in this energy which is quickly proving to be an economical power resource. Let us hear what tasks need to be solved by business leaders for sustainable development.

TETSURO, Nagata   President and CEO ,  Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation
KYONG, Nam Ho   Director ,  Korea Wind Energy Development Organization

[Special Session] Strategic Role of North Korea
Oct.16th 17:00-18:10, Art Hall
Many view Northeast Asia poised more for international conflict than for international peace because this region manifests the more general global North–South divide based on the divergence between wealthy market countries (United States, Japan, and South Korea) and poor socialist or transitional countries (China, Russia, and North Korea). Members of this panel session question this widely held view. They suggest that the strategic role of North Korea in Northeast Asia will compel the United States and other Northeast Asian countries to work together on the Korean issue for their national security, energy supply, and economic welfare.
KIM, Suk-hi    Professor,  Detroit Mercy University
PARK, Chan-Mo   Co-Chairman of Founding Committee ,  Pyongyang University of Science & Technology
NOLAND, Marcus   Senior Fellow,  Peterson Institute for International Economics
CARGILL, Thomas F   Professor,  Univ of Nevada,Reno
JOHNSTON, Donald   Former Secretary General,  OECD
KIM, Chin Kyung   President,  Pyongyang University of Science & Technology (PUST)

[Special Session] Trend Watch 2009
Oct.16th 15:30-16:40, Mugunghwa Hall1
Design and brand have become critical in all the industries to maximize value added. This special session aims to accurately identify the rapidly changing consumer sentiments and design environment and provide a future trend that can be reflected to a company’s brand, design policies and strategy planning. Future trend is consisted of consumer trend, audio trend (video) and design trend.
is a corner which analyzes how society, culture, economy, politics and international affairs have driven changes to the consumer life styles and provides a guideline on the basic customer-oriented strategy in product development, management and marketing.
CHANG, Dae-Ryun    Professor,  Yonsei University
GIOVANNONI, Stefano   Architect/Designer ,  Giovannoni Design SRL
KIM, Hae-Ryun   CEO ,  Adigm
KIM, Hee-Soo    Director,  Adigm

[Special Session] Brand Glocalization 2009
Oct.16th 14:00-15:10, Mugunghwa Hall 2

Common concerns shared by global companies are: developing a global brand in an era of global competition and satisfying the regional needs at the same time. A key example is how the global automobile market, which is rapidly being reorganized buoyed by the fast growth in newly emerging countries such as India and China, positioned through glocaliziation.
This special session will therefore discuss with Jack Trout, a dominant figure in positioning theory, on how to reflect ‘glocalizaiton’, which stands for ‘think globally and act locally’, in brand strategy. The session will also have experts in ad communication, design, brand discuss the strategy direction that needs to be considered when there is a gap in the brand position by different regions, as is the case for Hyundai-Kia Auto Group.
YI, You Jae    Professor,  Seoul National University
KIM, Young Ill    Chief Executive Officer ,  INNOCEAN
TROUT, Jack   CEO ,  Trout & Partners
CHAJET, Jonathan   Managing Director ,  Interbrand China

[Special Session] Challenges for Millennium Development Goals
Oct.16th 14:00-15:10, Grand Hall

In September 2000, at the United Nations Millennium Summit, world leaders agreed to a set of time bound and measurable goals and targets for combating poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation and discrimination against women. Placed at the heart of the global agenda, they are now called the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The Summit’s Millennium Declaration also outlined a wide range of commitments in human rights, good governance and democracy. For example, one of the Millenium Development Goals to be achieved by 2015 is to halve the 1.2 billion people who still live on less than $1 a day.
In this session, we will discuss the challenging agendas that the MDGs have tackled thus far, and examine the possibility of accomplishing its goals in due time. We will especially focus on how the global society will effectively stimulate its unified effort to achieve the MDGs.
McDONALD,Brian    Ambassador ,  The Delegation of the European Commission to the Republic of Korea
JOHNSTON, Donald   Former Secretary General,  OECD
AUBRY,Rick   President ,  Rubicon Programs
DUBEE, Frederick   Senior Advisor ,  UN Global Compact
KHASHCHULUUN, Chuluundorj   Dean of school of Economics Studies,  National University of Mongolia

[Special Session] Art, Investment Portfolio
Oct.16th 07:50-09:00, Art Hall

Chinese Art has become the heart of global contemporary art in the 21st century. This session will look back at Chinese art and vividly paint the current picture of today’s Chinese art which has attracted global interest. We will discuss with the artists and curators who are driving Chinese art on the future of Beijing art scene. Also we will look at the key factors in art investment, diagnose the trend and investment outlook in East Asia’s art market
ZHAO, Rita    Independent curator,  Beijing Contemporary Art Fair
PAN, Gongkai   President,  Central Academy of Fine Art Beijing
ARNOLD, Thomas   Director ,  Mary Boone Gallery in New York
XU, Zhao   Trustee Senior Consultant,  Poly International Auction Co. Ltd.

[Live at Wall Street] Solution on Financial Crisis
Oct.16th 09:10-10:10, Vista Hall
The 2008 World Knowledge Forum has organized a video conference, linking New York and Seoul to do a live broadcast of Wall Street. Speakers are expected to discuss about the US financial crisis as well as its impact in the global economy. Chairman James Wolfensohn of Citi International Advisory Board and former President of World Bank, along with Citi’s chief economist, Louis Alexander, will analyze and provide insights as well as prescribe possible diagnosis to cure the current financial crisis.
OH, Jong Nam    Professor,  Seoul National University
WOLFENSOHN,James   Former Chairman,  IBRD, World Bank
ROGOFF, Kenneth   Professor of Economics and Public Policy,  Harvard University
SHAFER, Jeffrey   Vice Chairman,  Global Banking, Citi
ALEXANDER,Lewis   Citi ,  Chief Economist