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[WKF 2020│CKGBS MBA] Post-pandemic Entrepreneurship│Li Zhou(CKGSB, Assistant Dean)



* [CKGBS MBA] Post-pandemic Entrepreneurship│Li Zhou(CKGSB, Assistant Dean): COVID-19 Pandemic added more uncertainties to everyone’s life, especially to those at the early stage oftheir careers. They will find much less job openings in the market and may increasingly concerned that they will be the next ones to be laid off as their employers have to downsize to meet the challenge brought by the pandemic.On the other hand, COVID-19 has brought new start-up opportunities and accelerated the changes required in the established companies. Entrepreneurship has never been so important to the job seekers and job holder in the post-pandemic world.Among all the factors that will determine the success of the post-pandemic entrepreneurship, two major trends are particularly important: re-globalization and digitalization.Despite the strong headwinds, globalization will not end as many foresee. The world will be re-globalizedwith new purposes, new driving forces and new communities to address the new challenges for the benefits of more people. While the “integration” part of globalization has been under serious challenges with the rise of populism, nationalism and protectionism, the “interaction” among people around the world, however, will never stop. Thus post-pandemic entrepreneurship still needs a global vision to capitalize the new business opportunities and new resources beyond the national bordersDigitalization, already started transforming the new business landscape before the pandemic, has been accelerated as physical move of people and products dramatically reduced or totally suspended. The change will be even faster and the scale bigger as a result of the pandemic. It creates new opportunities for entrepreneurship in all sectors in all economies.To increase the chance of success, the new entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs need to develop new ways ofthinking, learning and doing. #Post-pandemic, #LiZhou, #CKGBS