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[WKF 2020] Changes in Global Supply Chains and the Role of 3D Printing│Abhinav Singhal



* Changes in Global Supply Chains and the Role of 3D Printing│Abhinav Singhal(Thyssenkrupp, Chief Strategy Officer, APAC): Global supply chain has been in a state of emergency since the pandemic. Neither manufacture nor parts supply is flowing seamlessly, as lockdown policies stopped the chains. As of now, 3D printing is the hope of global supply chain which is currently hanging in the balance. Innovative manufacturing companies are scrambling to produce products and parts. In the post-Covid19 era, global supply chain is likely to be confronted with more changes. Global companies have been creating the supply chain with their expertise and price structure only to end up realizing their vulnerability. As China’s whole economy and the product chains suddenly stopped, the supply shocks from China made a faster repercussion on the world than the virus per se did, and the global enterprises were susceptible to the painful experience. 3D printing is drawing a keen attention as it is the key technology among the business strategies to respond to the changes in global supply chain, enabling to produce the essential products wherever they are. By developing new materials including metal powder, we made a chance to overcome restrictions of manufacturing process and produce complex parts in a short time at a low cost. This session, we will explore how global companies change in pace with global supply chain in the post-Covid19 era, and how they implement 3D printing.