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[WKF 2020] Creating ESG Ecosystem: New Path of Capitalism│Kerrie Waring(ICGN, CEO)



* Creating ESG Ecosystem: New Path of Capitalism│Kerrie Waring(ICGN, CEO): ESG Investment has been rapidly mainstreamed around Europe and North America after the financial crisis in 2008. ESG Investment refers to a class of investing accompanied not only by financial analysis but by environmental, social and governance factors(ESG). According to GSIA, the global ESG investment scale amounts to 30 trillion dollars as of 2018, which occupies 49% of Europe’s investment asset, 26% of America’s and 55% of Oceania’s. On the other hand, in the East Asia countries aside from Japan, ESG investment still has a long way to go. In Korea, even though ESG Investment is being bandied about lately, it does not link to an actual investment. Skeptical questions still remains: Is ESG Investment deemed a positive factor for increasing returns in long-term investments? Is ESG data credible enough? In stark contrast to the western countries, multilateral cooperation among equity holders, asset managers and ESG research institutions are nowhere to be seen. In this session, we are going to discuss what implications the western countries that succeeded in mainstreaming ESG Investment have for Asia’s capital market and also touch upon methods and solutions for advancing the time for ESG Investment to settle.