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[WKF 2020] Industrial Revolution and Robotics in Post Covid19 Era│Xiaohui Cao(Fosun Group), Claus Risager



* Industrial Revolution and Robotics in Post Covid19 Era│Xiaohui Cao(Fosun Group), Claus Risager(Blue Ocean Robotics, Co-founder & CEO), Kyu-jin Cho (Seoul National University, Professor): Covid-19 hastens the introduction of cutting-edge technology. People are working from home and offer classes online at one side of the world, and automation is being tried through robotics and artificial intelligence at the other side. Due to Covid19 crisis, things that should take multiple years to be realized are happening at a time. To boil down, the new chapter of experimentation for our future is opening simultaneously. Robotics is expected to have the fastest pace of innovation after the pandemic. The serious crisis such as Covid-19 which requires urgent respond is the key chance for the robotics to be used. Robots can take a temperature, sterilize, support quarantined patients, collect specimens for testing and also reduce the chance of people getting exposed to pathogens. In light of increasing epidemics, robots are growing in importance. Manufacturing innovation through robotics is also worth a notice. Dozens of manufacturing businesses have suffered from shutdown and lack of workforce, and thus they are likely to introduce industrial robots and adopt automation solution in order for the product line to be stabilized. Logistics companies are expected to adopt robotics in no time, as robots have been touted as a solution for the logistics which faced flooding e-commerce orders as a result of lockdown. Robots are capable of managing the stocks effectively, which will facilitate warehouse operation and minimize the procedure from warehousing to shipment. In this session, the blueprints of robotics will be suggested on a basis of Covid-19 and the future of robotics. #Robotics, #Post-Covid19, #Fosun