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[WKF 2020] Innovations Blurring the Boundaries between Online Platforms and Brick-and-Mortar Economy



* Innovations Blurring the Boundaries between Online Platforms and Brick-and-Mortar Economy│Niklas Ostberg(Delivery Hero, Co-founder and CEO): We now live in an astonishing era where we can order anything or receive any service at the touch of button. As more consumer transactions are moving online globally, online platforms are expanding their presence and influence as well. Together with this shift in consumer culture, the boundary between on- and offline world is blurring. In particular, the fierce competition in last-mile delivery services, which began in the food delivery sector, is expanding to more diverse categories. The war for dominance has already begun in the global last-mile delivery. M&As have been active among major global players to strengthen their hold in the market, and strategic competition is also in full swing. The global COVID-19 pandemic only served to further fuel this last-mile delivery competition. Social distancing and the unrest brought on by the lockdowns have elevated the importance of online platforms and firmly planted online consumption in people’s lives. The transition from offline to online consumption has also triggered the competition between traditional distribution platforms and online platforms. The topic of interest for future distribution platform industries is shifting to more specialized, cutting-edge services built on high-tech innovations. It’s anyone’s guess what the future holds as distribution platforms continue to evolve through technology competition and innovations.