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Mike Pompeo, Michael Sander, Paul Milgrom to Join WKF on Sept. 14-16 in Seoul



The World Knowledge Forum 2021 (WKF), Asia’s largest annual business forum hosted by Korea’s Maekyung Media Group, will kick off three-day sessions on September 14, 2021 in Seoul, through a mix of offline and online programs during the pandemic. 

Under the theme of “Terra Incognita: Redesigning the Global Architecture,” this year’s WKF will offer insights and visions from the world’s renowned economists, policymakers, and leading entrepreneurs, including former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, philosopher and Harvard professor Michael Sandel, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Milgrom, IKEA CEO Jesper Brodin, and Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin. 

Sessions and lectures will be available under six sub-themes: New Business Path, Wealth Discovery, Global Power Dynamics, Race to Net-zero, Beyond Gravity, and Hello, New World. 

The forum will be held both offline and online, with the number of available seats for on-site participation to be adjusted depending on social restriction measures at that time. The event will be run under strict Covid prevention guidelines including pre-registration requirement for all session attendees, thermal screening, and securing physical distance between people. 

◇ Date and Venue: Sept 14-16, Jangchung Arena, The Shilla hotel in Seoul 

◇ Registration deadline: Sept. 3 

◇ Registration fee: 3.6 million won ($3,142) including VAT. *3.3 million won for early-bird registration by Aug 6 

◇ To register, please visit


* For more information, please contact the WKF secretariat at +822-2000-2411~8, +822-2000-2620~4