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[WKF 2020] Positive Disruption: how technology will shape the future of education



* how technology will shape the future of education│Luis von Ahn(Duolingo, Founder): Covid-19 revealed the future of education before our eyes. The pandemic drastically changed the classroom settings in only three months. Indeed everything, including loopholes of school were revealed by online lectures, which is the biggest issue in the future education. Learning is no longer the monopoly of the classroom, as we now have ubiquitous access to education.Luis Von Ahn, a professor in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University and founder of Duolingo, the world’s top language learning application says that in the post-Covid19 era, offline education will be superceded by online education faster than expected. Duolingo, a platform based upon scientific process is worth an estimated 1.5 billion dollars. They amassed 300 million users worldwide who complete 7 billion exercises every month.DTE(Duolingo English Test) launched by Duolingo in 2016, experienced an explosive increase in the number of candidates after the Covid-19 spread. Supposedly, the candidates of the first quarter this year went up by 147% as compared to last year. The creed that Luis lives by is: Economic disparities are the greatest problem humankind is facing, and education is the key to rectifying this problem.Oddly enough, the education reinforces inequalities due to the accessibility differences. How will the world change if everyone is given a quality education for free? In this session, the founder of Duolingo will discuss Covid-19 influences on the business, the vision of education and the success story of the application. #Duolingo, #LuisvonAhn, #education