Rose Jang is an international crossover award-winning vocalist whose work runs the gamut from operatic arias to hit musical numbers and classic pop songs. She began studying piano, violin, and voice at the young age of four and is now highly praised by critics around the world for her vocal abilities. Rose has been said to possess the voice of an ¡°angel¡± that has a multitude of ¡°unique¡± colors, giving her endless possibilities in vocal repertoire. The first Korean to release an album comprising of only operatic arias as well as musical and jazz numbers, Rose Jang reached number one on the domestic and international music charts with her performance of the song ¡°Memory¡± from the musical ¡°Cats¡±. Currently, she plays the role of ¡°Honorary Ambassador for Tourism Korea¡±, the only female singer to have been honored with this position, as well as Ambassador for the U.N. Organization UNESCO. Rose has performed at major events including the inaugural ceremony of President Lee Myung Bak, the celebratory performance of U.N. Secretary General Ban Gi Moon., the 5th Annual Asia Song Festival 2008, and at the 2006 World Cup Games.

Rose is a graduate of Smith College where she studied Art History and Theatre. She presently resides between Seoul, Korea and New York City. Her album, ¡°Rose Jang;Pop Operas and Musicals ¡± can be found internationally in the United States, Europe, and throughout East Asia.

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