Keynote Lecture Keynote Speech- Colin Powell
Special Lecture Tom Peters
Special Lecture Scott Moore
Special Lecture Conversation with Dr. Alan Greenspan
Special Lecture Stephen S. Roach & Takenaka Heizo
Special Lecture Philip Rosedale
Special Lecture Edmund Phelps
Solo Speech Vinton Cerf
Solo Speech Peter Sands
Solo Speech Ole Danbolt Mjøs
Solo Speech Rolf Jensen
Solo Speech Stefano Giovannoni
Keynote Lecture  Keynote Speech- Colin Powell

Oct.17th 08:30-09:10, VISTA

Colin Powell, former Secretary of State of America, will introduce how future peace and prosperity in Asia, including Korea, China, Japan, India, US and Russia, will proceed. We will learn about what it takes to stabilize peace in Asia, and what ostacles there are for us to overcome.

YOON, Young-kwan    Professor ,  international political economy at Department of International Relations, Seoul National University
Powell, Colin   Former Secretary of State, USA, 

Special Lecture  Tom Peters

Oct.17th 09:20-10:20, VISTA

Knowing that the needs of effective leadership change as rapidly as the volatile marketplace it supports, Peters will offer the inspiration to take risks and provide them with an innovator's survival guide. His principles include keeping a limber mind and becoming a leader of change, not a follower of the same old, tired traditions.

Dutta, Soumitra    Dean of External Relations and Roland Berger Chaired Professor of Business and Technology,  INSEAD
Peters, Tom   Chairman,  Tom Peters Company

Special Lecture  Scott Moore

Oct.18th 11:50-12:30, COSMOS

Consumers’ media habits have rapidly changed over the past decade as consumers gained increased control of their media experiences and new technologies reshaped the landscape of the media industry. Scott Moore, head of news and information at Yahoo, predicts how consumer behavior will continue to evolve and how smart media companies will thrive in this environment.  

LEE, Yong-Kyung    Professor,  KAIST
MOORE, Scott   Senior Vice President,  Yahoo!

Special Lecture  Conversation with Dr. Alan Greenspan

Oct.18th 09:40-10:50, VISTA

In an intimate and thoughtful conversation, Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, will offers candid, in-depth and thorough responses to questions about the world economy.

ZHU, Min   Group Executive Vice- President,  Bank of China
SOHN, Sung Won   Professor ,  California State University
Roach, Stephen S.   Chairman ,  Morgan Stanley Asia
Greenspan, Alan   Former Chairman,  Federal Reserve Board
CHANG, Dae Whan   Founder and Chairman,World Knowledge Forum,  Maeil Business Newspaper and TV

Special Lecture  Stephen S. Roach & Takenaka Heizo

Oct.17th 14:00-15:10, VISTA

Stephen Roach, Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, and TAKENAKA Heizo, former Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy of Japan will be making a forecast on next year’s world economy.
Chairman Roach, one of Wall Street’s most influential analysts , was recently appointed as the Chairman of Asia Operations of Morgan Stanley last April after serving 25 years as an economist.
Professor TAKENAKA is one of the top economist in Japan.
They will be sharing their insight on the world economy 2008 amidst numerous global risk factors that has risen including all the frenzy on sub-prime mortgages that seem to have gripped the world economy.
What are some of the risks that can potentially threaten the world’s economy next year? Let us listen to the great insights from the world renowned economic analysts.

KIM, Choong-Su    President,  Hallym University
Takenaka, Heizo   Director, Global Security Research Institute,  Keio University (former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan)
Roach, Stephen S.   Chairman ,  Morgan Stanley Asia

Special Lecture  Philip Rosedale

Oct.17th 11:50-12:30, VISTA

There are economic activities going on in Second life and they open door to new life for the disabled. We can explain "Wealth" not only limited to making money but to embracing a broader meaning. The lecture will be about what Second Life is to do in the future world and how wealth creation will evolve in the world of Second Life.

YOON, Jong Lok    Vice President,  KT
Rosedale, Philip   President / CEO,  Linden Lab

Special Lecture  Edmund Phelps

Oct.18th 11:00-11:40, VISTA

Professor Edmud Phelps is a respected guru, who have defined the framework for macroeconomics based on the concept of natural rate of unemployment. He was also awarded the Prize Laureate in Economics in 2006 in recognition of his works.
Professor Phelps believes that although inflation may be able to keep the unemployment rate in check, there is ultimately no correlation between inflation and unemployment rate in the longer run. He argues that ‘expectation-adjusted Philips Curve inflation is impacted by not only unemployment rate but also expectations on price and wage hikes.
We will have Professor Phelps discuss a new macroeconomics paradigm for the new Asian Era.

Hyun, Jung-Taik    President,  Korea Development Institute (KDI)
Phelps, Edmund   Professor,  University of Columbia

Solo Speech  Vinton Cerf

Oct.17th 14:00-14:40, MGB 2

Internet, which once was developed for military use, has now become a commodity for everyday use. The user-empowered Web 2.0 is driving huge changes to the society as a whole while changing the ways of life for ordinary people.
Vinton Cerf, VP of Google, is the man who started it all. As one of the founding developers of the modern day Internet, he is commonly referred to as the founder of the Internet. He currently serves as the chair of ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, an organization that oversees web addresses, and the Chief Internet Evangelist of Google.
We will listen to VP Cerf on how the future of Internet will evolve.

CHIN, Dae-je    CEO of Skylake Incuvest & Co , 
Cerf, Vinton G.   Vice President & Chief Internet Evangelist,  Google Inc.
Chon, Kilnam   Professor,  Computer Science Division, KAIST

Solo Speech  Peter Sands

Oct.18th 11:50-12:30, MGB2


OH, Jong Nam    Professor,  Seoul National University
Sands, Peter   Group Chief Executive,  Standard Chartered Bank

Solo Speech  Ole Danbolt Mjøs

Oct.18th 11:50-12:30, ART

The world is enjoying ever increasing prosperity but there are still some people who suffer from poverty and violence. In the Middle East, massive or small-scale terror attacks are still being committed after the Iraq War. The fighting in Darfur, Sudan shows no sign of coming to an end after leaving more than 200 thousand people dead.
Ole Danbolt Mjøs, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, sheds lights on the What are key considerations in determining to whom the Nobel peace prize will be awarded? Who works for world peace? Who strives to bring the peace and prosperity to Asia? What are threats to the global peace and how should we deal with them? We will hear his and future of Asia.

Rhyu, Sang-Young    Professor,  Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University
Mjøs, Ole Danbolt   Chairman,  Norwegian Nobel Committee

Solo Speech  Rolf Jensen

Oct.18th 11:50-12:30, VISTA

What does the future society hold?
Today, we live in the Information era represented by computers, but what’s next? What changes will it bring to offices, market and the way people spend their time? Let us think this through to draw implications for the new forms of wealth creations. Emotion-based marketing, a key strategy by many firms these day, will continue to be important in the future society, if not more. But what other strategies are there to be employed that is different from those in the Industrial days or the Information Era? And who will be the players that can replace today’s Microsoft and Google, which leads the IT development by thinking out of the box and creating new businesses based on new imagination? What type of talent do we need in the future society? Futurist Rolf Jensen believes that the world will be dominated by the ‘Dream Society’ that sells emotions and dreams. Let us get a taste of the Dream Society that awaits us.

JUNN, Sung Chull    Chairman,  Institute of Global Management
Jensen, Rolf   Chief Imagination Officer,  Dream Company Inc.

Solo Speech  Stefano Giovannoni

Oct.18th 11:50-12:30, COSMOS

Designing is one thing and styling is another. The purpose of styling is to make appearance of a product appealing, whereas designing starts with thinking over how to create a product from the product planning phase. The reason why Korea has yet to witness birth of a product like iPod is partly attributable to a lack of perception of the boundary between designing and styling.
Stefano Giovannoni, a world-famous Italian designer, demonstrates outstanding capability in all the design areas ranging from industrial design, interior design, construction design to furniture design. He delivers a speech on the world of value that he creates with design.
What it takes to be a good design? What kind of designs would customers want? What are problems with design of Korean products? Which way should we follow for further development, going forward?

Kim, Won-Taek    Professor,  Hong-ik University
GIOVANNONI, Stefano   Architect/Designer ,  Giovannoni Design SRL