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AI and the Future of Brain Health│Jin Hyung Lee ( Founder of LVIS)
Technology 2022-03-18


What would the future of brain health look like?Neurological and psychiatric disorders are dramatically increasing in prevalence due to aging population and social isolation. In particular, isolation due to Covid-19 pandemic also poses a significant challenge in mental health. However, to date, there is no clear way to manage brain health and to cure any of the brain disorders. In this session, we will discuss what the current challenges in clinical care including diagnosis, treatment decision, and new therapy development are and how the future of brain healthcare can be transformed through emerging technologies. One of the main solutions that are now starting to uncover the potential to totally transform brain health management and brain disorder cure includes the ability to reconstruct brain circuit algorithms. While the clear goal of brain disorder treatments is to restore the brain’s function, this has not been possible to apply to clinical practice to date due to the fact that brain function remained a mystery. Recent developments now enable brain circuit algorithms to be reconstructed at the single cell spiking level and provides an opportunity to predict neurological intervention outcome. These new capabilities will be introduced and through discussions with experts in clinical care, health monitoring, and drug development, we will provide a vision for the future of brain health.


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