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The Impact of Technology in Investment Management | Luke Ellis
Technology 2022-03-18


Against the backdrop of COVID-19, investment in technology is increasingly becoming a catalyst for change in our understanding of the stock market, and the way in which investment managers operate and succeed within it. Global markets have recently been buoyed by increasing retail investor activity and flows, while company performance and benchmarks are moving differently from conventional wisdom. In a society overflowing with information, harnessing the power of data and technology is becoming an increasing differentiator for investment managers as they navigate these changes. Investment methods that leverage new technologies accompanied by big data and machine learning are increasing in importance and are key to survival in the industry. With market data growing exponentially, an algorithm that predicts the future even by 0.1% more accurately is more likely to provide a competitive edge. Luke Ellis, CEO of Man Group, one of the world’s three largest hedge funds, offers insight into investment in the era of this tech revolution under the theme of 'The next frontier: The impact of technology in investment management'. #Investment #Technology #ManGroup ☆ 홈페이지 | ☆ 페이스북 페이지 | ☆ 인스타그램 | ☆ 유튜브│




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