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Global Risk Update 2022: US-China│Justin Yifu Lin(Professor)
Economic/Financial 2022-02-22


As a result of the liquidity expansion policies by major countries' central banks, inflation is becoming a reality. Central banks around the world, including the US Federal Reserve, are reviewing measures such as tapering to normalize interest rates. As such, major changes are expected in the asset market. With US-China tensions escalating and geopolitical risks expected to increase, and the spread of the COVID-19 mutant virus still rampant, economic activities are expected to take a blow. Abnormal weather caused by climate change is also considered a risk. - Will geopolitical risks such as the US-China relationship shrink global trade? #China #economy #2022 ☆ WKF | ☆ Facebook | ☆ Instagram | ☆ Youtube│




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