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Toward Terra Cognita: Mapping an Uncertain World│Robert Muggah (Author)
Humanities/Literature 2022-02-22


During periods of great flux and volatility, maps provide much needed perspective. Yet maps are not necessarily fixed: they need renewing. This is the case as governments, businesses and citizens as they make their way in the new uncertain COVID-19 era. Although there are many reasons to be uneasy about the future, maps can inspire optimism. They can help identify dangers ahead and also reveal our species remarkable advances in recent centuries. In this talk, internationally-recognized speaker and acclaimed author, Robert Muggah, maps out mega-threats and solutions. Drawing on his latest book - Terra Incognita: 100 Maps to Survive the Next 100 Years - he features mesmerizing maps to explain issues ranging from the uneven spread of COVID-19 and digital transformation to the impacts of climate change and global warming. He shows how maps can help tell the story of our changing world – to make it terra cognita. #Terra #Incognita #climateChange ☆ WKF | ☆ Facebook | ☆ Instagram | ☆ Youtube│




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