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Art and the Search for a New Perspective│Johannes Heisig
Humanities/Literature 2022-02-22


The artistic drive for expression in the midst of a global market economy. With the loss of spiritual knowledge and the gods disappearance in the Middle Ages the question of the meaning of all existence can no longer be answered conclusively. We tend to substitute it with our material track record. The state of the planet as our habitat points to the end of this thinking. In front of an audience which is overwhelmingly excellent in the economic and political sphere and thus belongs to a pragmatic, success-oriented world. I will expound the approach of a so-called "free artist". As such, I am concerned with the role of the artist in the present. Where are the roots of today's social conception of the artist? How is it changing in the midst of global markets? Do the answers to these questions offer any opportunities for artists to contribute to the theme of the conference: TERRA INCOGNITA – Redesigning the global architecture? Starting from the daily problems of my work in the relative seclusion of my studio, I question the points of friction with the external world and grapple with its growing complexity, which seems to increasingly elude artistic interpretation. The attempt to adopt an attitude to the world from the position of the outsider has on the other hand a tradition in the arts at least since the figure of the Harlequin in the Commedia dell'arte. What is the relevance of this model today? Has it to be modified? If so, in what way? In this context, I will to elucidate the specifics of artistic work and present it as a way of searching for alternatives in dealing with ourselves and our living space. To illustrate my position, I might offer a very brief visual impression of my work. #Art, ☆ WKF | ☆ Facebook | ☆ Instagram | ☆ Youtube│




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