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The future of work│J.D. Choi│WKF2020
Humanities/Literature 2021-07-07


* The future of work│J.D. Choi(Tax Technologies, Inc., Founder and CEO): JD is the CEO of a start up company that is one of the three most influential corporate tax software solutions companies in the United States. He is a CPA and lawyer. 19 years ago, he left Deloitte despite the partner offer because he was not happy. He started a startup with just $7,000 instead. His partner, who was a former employee at the time, is the only other shareholder and COO currently in the company. Tax Technologies, Inc. (TTI), which has 80 employees in the United States and 300 employees in the Indian Development Center, has introduced 100% telecommuting since its inception in 1999. Investment 0%, debt 0%, annual operating profit 100% goes to employee bonuses. He says, "An organization should not demand work hours from employees, but should facilitate optimum work output." The most important condition for telecommuting is trust and autonomy. He practices ′mindfulness′ while concentrating on meditation and furniture making. #Work #From #Home




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