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The International Order in the Post-Corona Era│Abraham Denmark│WKF 2020
Politics/Policy 2021-07-07


With the outbreak of the COVID19 earlier this year, the world has entered an era of unprecedented instability and uncertainty. Many voices tell that the world can be distinguished as the era before and after the COVID19. Along with the continuation of globalization based on the global value chains, some predict the end of globalization, just like the title of the British magazine Economist's cover story says “Goodbye Globalization”. One thing for sure is that the post-Corona international order will change in any way, even though there may be some differences in form and content. Social distance is highly encouraged as the countermeasure to overcome COVID19, but also international distance, such as closing down the border, is blatantly taken for granted under the name of protectionism. Under Trump's leadership, the international community has gone back to the old western age melee of self-reliance. Trump's bashing China down is now touching more fundamental nature of US-China relations, beyond the campaign use. The US and China are even showing the possibility of moving toward a confrontation of civilization, beyond economic and trade, science and technology, security and military, and ideological systems, in order to take control of the international order in the future. We are witnessing both the US and China mired in Thucydides' trap and Kindleberger's trap. China's response is also drawing keen attention, whether it has crossed the middle income trap or it is digging up a trap of time in competition with the US. In reality, we are anticipating to witness a New Cold War. ☆ 홈페이지 | ☆ 유튜브│ ☆ 페이스북 페이지 | ☆ 인스타그램 | ✻ 세계지식포럼 강연 콘텐츠의 저작권은 ‘매일경제’에 있습니다. 영상 및 오디오의 불법 다운로드 및 재업로드, 재가공 등의 행위는 법적으로 금지되어 있습니다.




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