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[WKF 2020 & Try Everything] Ready for Growth: The Secrets to Scaling Your Company│Jon McNeill
Industry 2020-12-23


* Ready for Growth: The Secrets to Scaling Your Company│Jon McNeill(Lululemon Board Member, Former Tesla President): When you’re working to grow your business, you wake up every morning to your company being bigger than it was the day before. And, in many cases, it’s the biggest company you’ve ever worked for. But there’s an important difference between growing your business and scaling it. Jon McNeill founded, scaled and sold six companies; he also played a key leadership role in three already-scaled, well-known corporations to achieve hypergrowth in short periods of time (Tesla, Lyft and lululemon). McNeill has developed a methodology to scaling and, in this inspiring and motivating presentation, shares his secrets to scaling with you. From tools to simplifying your view of the business and identifying where the most leverage really is, to galvanizing teams around the art of the possible, McNeill will prove that you’re capable of making big change, and big growth, happen quickly. Drawing from numerous real-world examples, he’ll teach you how to harness the potential and scale success – yours and the business.




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