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This year marks the 21st anniversary of the World Knowledge Forum.

The World Knowledge Forum has made a solid progress into a “knowledge feast” where global leaders from all stakeholder groups share their expertise, and is playing its role as a “transmitter” of knowledge. Technological advancements enabled us to overcome the limitations of physical distances. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the access has been accelerated to the World Knowledge Forum contents through various means of platforms. The generalization of virtual meetings and lectures due to the COVID-19 pandemic may also have had an impact.

The World Knowledge Forum 2021 is taking place in turbulent times where changes are faster than ever. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is seemingly coming to an end with the supply of vaccines, a completely different post-COVID world will unfold.

All aspects of life including the way we work, educate, and enjoy leisure are under dramatic changes. Massive liquidity injections were provided by the governments to calm markets as a response to COVID-19, which is ultimately shifting the balance of the global economy. The operating principle of global economy based on free trade will also inevitably change.

The U.S.-China tensions continue to escalate, and South Korea, with its presidential election scheduled to be held in 2022, must come up with sensible solutions to react quickly to these global challenges. Taking into consideration of these circumstances, the World Knowledge Forum 2021 will be held under the theme of ‘Terra Incognita: Redesigning the Global Architecture.’

Terra Incognita means “the unknown land.” The new world order can be either an opportunity or a threat. With keen prediction and deliberate preparation, we can turn threats into opportunities.

The annual meeting brings together world-famous politicians, businessmen, and representatives from various sectors to discuss global issues and provide possible solutions. Seize the chance to gain valuable wisdom and insights from the world-renowned public figures at the World Knowledge Forum 2021.