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How to achieve sustainability through ESG management│Schneider Electric│Knowledge Stream


It has been a year and a half since COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the entire planet. The pandemic hit the most disadvantaged people in the society, especially hard, calling for the discussion on economic justice. Record breaking heat and extreme climate events are becoming more and more common. These are great challenges that our human civilization is facing. And in response, corporations are emphasizing sustainability in their business models and in their global operations. One of the key features of sustainability is its emphasis on non financial metrics in terms of ESG performance. That's a shorthand for environmental, social and governance performance. Today, We are here with guests to discuss these exciting changes. Mr. Manish Pant, East Asia and Japan zone president of Schneider Electric, who is currently in Singapore, and Kyungrok Kim, KR, cluster president at Schneider Electric Korea, Taiwan and Mongolia. #ESG, #Schneider, #Electric




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