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[WKF 2020] Art will save the world│Peter Femfert (DIE GALERIE, Founder and President)



* Art will save the world│Peter Femfert (DIE GALERIE, Founder and President): It is not surprising that the dramatic impact of the corona virus on the world economy has also left deep scars on the art world. Humankind finds itself at odds with an exceptional situation. But as history proves, we excel when confronted with difficulties: during times like these, some of the greatest art was created. Art has always played a significant role in the world, has given it beauty, and at the same time helped us come to terms with whatever is troubling us. Despite a boom that has maintained for decades, the fine art market still accounts for only a minor percentage of the world's GDP. At the same time, it exerts a significant influence on society and has become, in recent years, the playground of the rich and ultra-wealthy. How will the art market react to the crisis, which is forcing players to seek new options and opportunities? Will the steady growth of the past years slow down, or bounce back stronger than ever? #Art, #PeterFemfert, #DIEGALERIE