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[WKF 2020] Tim Draper and Bitcoin│Tim Draper(Draper Associates and DFJ, Founding Partner)



[WKF & Try Everything] Tim Draper and Bitcoin, Conditions of Successful Startups and Entrepreneurship│Tim Draper(Draper Associates and DFJ, Founding Partner): Tim Draper, a legendary billionaire global venture capitalist, who made early investments in companies such as Tesla, Skype, Baidu, Coinbase, Robinhood, Twitter, SpaceX and many more, will speak about the characteristics of successful startups. Since he has made many successful investment choices in promising startups, this session will be a unique opportunity to hear his thoughts about the startups (that he invested in) that he felt would become successful. Draper will explain the differences that separate the successful startups from those that fail. While doing so, he will explain what criteria he uses when deciding which companies to invest in. Moreover, Draper will talk about entrepreneurship, the importance of how it leads to a successful business. Since he created Draper University of Heroes with the purpose of promoting entrepreneurship, there will be many useful tips to take away from this keynote.#TimDraper, #Entrepreneurship, #Bitcoin