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[WKF 2020│IESE MBA] The Link between Climate Change and Global Security│Mike Rosenberg(IESE Business School, Professor)



* [IESE MBA] The Link between Climate Change and Global Security-How It Will Impact Business│Mike Rosenberg(IESE Business School, Professor): The world is faced with two major challenges: climate change and global security. Even though climate change appears to have nothing to do with security, it links up closely with factors that cause geopolitical unrest. A slight uptick of global temperatures can result in mayhem in terms of politics and military. Persistent instabilities are a great risk to operating company. This is why a number of global companies are seeking and implementing solutions for global warming, inviting new ideas such as low-carbon economy. In this session, we will discuss the correlation between climate crisis and global security and grope for solutions at a company level towards sustainable business.