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[WKF 2020│IMD] The Challenges of Competitiveness in a World in Crisis│Zhanna Kryuchkova(Stikon)



* [IMD] The Challenges of Competitiveness in a World in Crisis│Zhanna Kryuchkova(Stikon): The 2020 crisis has shown the importance of policies, governments and regulation. The 2020 IMD World Competitiveness Ranking has also demonstrated that, in crisis, small countries fare better because they are able to build social consensus easily and their people are more willing to accept the pain of tough decisions. In times of crisis, countries resort to desperate measures that jeopardize the long-term prosperity of the country. That is why this session will analyze and discuss the best policies for the worst times, the lessons from successful countries, the winners and losers in the aftermath of the pandemic. A panel of experts will analyze the differentiators of countries in terms of education, industrial policy, openness and talent attraction, as well as technology and infrastructure. Our discussion will also highlight the main challenges that nations will need to confront in order to remain successful. #ZhannaKryuchkova, #Stikon, #Crisis