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[WKF 2020] The Future of Luxury after Covid19│Jean-Noël Kapferer, Daniel Mayran, ChristianBLANCKAERT, Hee-Dong Yang



Description: As COVID19 continues and many countries are on lockdown, businesses had to adapt to new ways to adhere to consumer needs and the luxury business is no exception. Luxury being a cyclical business, will manage to come back triumphant as soon as signs of recovery emerge: the existing trends that were not accessible during the crisis will be the ones to help the businesses set foot on the right track of financial recovery while changes in consumer behavior will most likely trigger a change in marketing strategies and distribution methods. Join Chairman of Bluebell Korea/founder and owner of the Luxury Business Group(LBG) Daniel Mayran, acclaimed professor and a world renowned authority on luxury Jean-Noël Kapferer as well as former executive Vice President of Hermes International and Consultant in management of luxury Christian Blanckaert as they discuss the future of the luxury industry and the ways on how it will be remodeled post-COVID19.