World Knowledge Forum

[WKF 2020] What would it take to define the future of biology and medicine?│Jin Hyung Lee(Stanford University)



* What would it take to define the future of biology and medicine?(Jin Hyung Lee│Stanford University): Every country, company, and academic institutions point to biology and medicine as one of the most important new frontiers. They are all eager to define and lead the future of biology and medicine. The transformation we have seen over the past few decades in information technology is at the center of our minds and we hope to see what the future of biology and medicine holds. Will there be a Google, Amazon, and Apple of biology and medicine? What would it take to be “the next big thing” that transforms society as was seen with information technology? In this new race to define the future, we are dazzled and amazed by advances while sometimes running into major disappointments that end up being empty promises. While information technology is a distinct field from biology and medicine, its revolutionary developments to date provide important insights on what it takes to have a transformative impact on society. Furthermore, information technology is also a key enabler of the future transformation in biology and medicine. In this talk, learning from what we have seen with information technology, I will share my vision on what it would take to transform biology and medicine. With this framework in mind, I will then discuss advances made in my own laboratory over the past decade in an effort to understand how brain circuits work, to enable transformation in neurological disease treatment. #medicine, #biology, #JinHyungLee