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[WKF 2020] Post COVID, World Economic Diagnosis by Wall Street Big Shot│Robert Lovelace(Capital Group)



Prolonged Covid-19 has started the unprecedented recession and the concerns about the second Great Depression. Supply shocks that shutdown measures have brought about and the mass layoffs are the starting point of the crisis. Government debts are on their highest of all time, and the world economy is assured to register negative growth. Financial market cannot dispel unease amid this dismal outlook. In this session, we are bringing economic experts and Wall Street Leaders all together to listen to brilliant insights on the current economic crisis. This session will include global economic recovery, US-China dispute and the trend of global equity market, directions that the US will take according to the upcoming Presidential Election. We can also expect advices on financial investment in these times of uncertainty from the biggest active and passive management companies, private equity companies and Europe’s largest management companies. Capital group, the biggest active management company is joining WKF as well. Different from Blackrock that capitalizes on ETF to make profits, Capital Group adopts active funding, and thus purchase and sell individual stock. On behalf of Capital Group, co-president Robert Lovelace will share his thoughts. ★ Youtube →​ ★ Facebook → ★ instagram →