World Knowledge Forum

[WKF2015] 2050 Megatrend│Harry S. Dent, Jr. (Dent Research Senior Editor / Author of The Demographic Cliff)



What will the world look like in 20~30 years? At this year’s World Knowledge Forum, world-renowned futurists will predict the megatrend which will transform the world for the next 30 years. If each nation state and corporation can fully acknowledge and understand the trend of a particular age, it will be able to secure competitive edge to claim victory over competitors. At this session, Thierry de Montbrial, the most prominent European geopolitical and foreign affairs expert, will talk about the reorganization of the industry order and the upcoming social changes. Harry Dent, the author of , will talk about the trend of the future society from the perspective of demographic change.- What is the keyword which will resonate around the world for the next 30 years?- How will technological developments change the quality of life?- What kinds of industries will lead the global economy?- Will existing social tensions intensify or alleviate?- How will the demographic shift affect the future of humanity? ★ Youtube → ★ Facebook → ★ instagram →