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[WKF2016] The Drone Revolution│Li Zexiang (DJI Board, Directors Chairman)



* The Drone Revolution(Li Zexiang: DJI Board, Directors Chairman): Li Zexiang, Directors Chairman of DJI, the Chinese company which owns about 60 percent of all commercial drones in the world, and also the teacher of Frank Wong, the founder of DJI. Google parent company Alphabet delivered Mexican fast food Chipotle to test drone delivery for Virginia Tech students. Amazon, the biggest online retailer has announced their plans on drone delivery system as well. Facebook is also developing a service called to spread internet globally with the use of drones. Drones, a technology which was first to make unmanned aerial airport in the military, is rapidly growing its significance. According to AUVSI, global drone industry will expand to 82 billion dollars in value. Additionally, over 100 thousand people will be employed in the drone industry. •How developed is the drone technology today?•What kind industries will grow due to drone technology?•How will drones change our everyday lives?•What kinds of risks may arise because of drone technology development?


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