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[WKF 2016] G2 War and China's New Normal│Zhiwu Chen, Eswar Prasad



China’s economy boomed since the year 2000 and some predicted that China may become the world superpower over the U.S. However, China’s growth slow down after 2010 and many claim that China has finally reached its limit. The U.S. called out that China is a currency manipulator and they have been promoting protectionism trade in order to stop importing goods from China. We cannot predict how much longer the U.S. will be able to remain the world power due to China’s large population and rapid technological development. In this session, economist from the U.S. and China will talk about the economic competition of the two countries. •Who will win the G2 War? •How will the protectionist trade struggle between the U.S. and China play out? •How will the economic war between the U.S. and China affect the global economy? ★ Youtube → ★ Facebook → ★ instagram →