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[WKF 2019] Future of AI: Quantum Computing│Kyungsoon Eum (IBM Korea, CTO)



The development of computing and information technologies that began in the 20th century has drastically transformed the society, and it continues to do so. Now we are more connected than ever before, and the digital world grants us an access to vast amount of data. The accessibility to big data has led to building artificial intelligence, which in turn has emerged as a revolutionary approach for analyzing and interpreting big data to solve complex problems. However, with the current paradigm of so-called classical digital computing, a threshold of the computing capacity will soon be reached. On the other hand, the development of quantum mechanics in the early 20th century, which revolutionized science, provides the most precise descriptions of the rules that nature follows on the atomic level. Interestingly, quantum particles behave very differently from our ordinary daily experiences. For example, they can exist in two places at the same time, behave like waves, and correlate with each other in a counterintuitive way. As transistors keep getting smaller, quantum effects become unavoidable and must be embraced for further technological growth. Quantum computing sees such quantum effects as tremendous opportunities and harnesses them for highly efficient and powerful information processing. Theoretical studies show that quantum computing can outperform its classical counterparts for solving various problems with broad applications, such as code breaking, optimization, quantum chemistry simulation, and machine learning to name a few. Quantum computing is not only powerful, but also feasible. Indeed, prototype quantum computers already exist and are open to the public in the cloud. Given the current pace of quantum technological advancement, we expect to have quantum devices that are beyond classical capabilities within a decade. This session will provide a brief introduction and the progress of quantum computing, and discuss its prospects on revolutionizing the current information technology, with an emphasis on the intersection of quantum computing and machine learning. ★ WKF → ★ Facebook → ★ instagram →