The end of this soundless war against COVID-19 seems to be yet to come as the confirmed cases and death toll are still proliferating without right cures and vaccines. COVID-19, especially, has shaken the foundation of all the fields including politics, economics and culture. This is due to the deficiency of the current system regarding so-called ‘New normal’ which the pandemic has brought to us. Therefore, ‘Pandenomics’ is desperately needed in order to survive in this new era. Pandenomics is a coinage of Pandemic and Economics, and highly expected to suggest the thorough analysis and solution to the pandemic. World leaders as well as pandemic experts and global CEOs will offer the blueprints of Pandenomics.

Better Tech & Business

In tandem with pandemic that has been pervasive all over the world, the 4th industrial revolution era will introduce us to the major paradigm shift. A wide range of fields including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Cloud, E-commerce and mobility is changing the form of modern life very rapidly. Now, technology is the only helm to lead the world. Given the human history from the agricultural revolution that steel has spawned, industrial revolution basing on steam engine and navigation, to the digital revolution of nowadays, the significance of technology cannot be stressed more. Technology has always been of the essence. In this track, global innovation leaders will predict our forthcoming days through the profound discussion.

New Capitalism

According to IMF, the world growth rate is estimated to -4.9% this year. Supply shocks and layoff due to shutdown measures all across the globe are highly responsible for this number. Financial markets are not able to dispel the unrest, and another Great Depression is concerned to arise. G2 conflict is also a source of problems as well, since the main factors of their tension - condemning each other for the COVID-19 outbreak and passing the National Security Law - still remains. This track will uncover the world economy filled with uncertainty and share insights about ‘bounce back’ strategy for the economic recovery, discussing trading disputes and stimulus plan.

Reshaping Global Governance

Even though conflicts and disputes are increasing due to the lack of global leadership, the one who can take charge of mediating and placating them is nowhere to be seen. The advanced countries such as the United States are still stuck in the epidemic. China, which was once the new growth engine for the world, is likely to enter the rampant recession caused by COVID-19 crisis. Dozens of issues such as Brexit, U.S election, territorial dispute, conflicts in the Middle East and North Korean nuclear issues are getting tangled at the same time. The heads of think-tanks and global leaders will explore the geopolitical problems in these grave times and discuss what countermeasure should be taken.

Asian Roles and Responsibilities

Is ‘Asia Era’ about to begin after the COVID-19 crisis? Despite the unprecedented repercussion COVID-19 has brought on the global economy, Asia is expected to smoothly overcome this crisis as usual, becoming the center of the global economy. The regional order within Asia is susceptible to change by COVID-19 crisis. Amid the ethnocentrism getting intensified, the conflict between China and America, dubbed as a new Cold War, poses risks to Asia. In this track, Asian entrepreneurs, politicians and scholars will seek a new role, responsibility and cooperative solution for Asia to make a better future.

Start-up Festival

Many governments are devoting themselves to find the new growth engines: they are start-ups. Governments are keeping their eyes on startups and improving the environment for them. This track consists of various sessions full of insights for start-ups. ‘Try Everything’, which is anticipated to be the leading Asian start-up festival will be launched for the very first time here. The experts who verse themselves in start-ups will offer the knowledge and insight through speech, discussion, mentoring, IR pitching, actual investment, promotion, display and so much more.

Live Green, Healthy and Happy

Now environment as well as happiness and health of humankind are set before everything else. As economy advances and civic awareness elevates, people tend to yearn for the sophisticated culture much more under the safe and sustainable environment. In this track, you will be introduced to various life-enhancing sessions that can help you envision the healthier and happier version of yourselves. The transformation of K-pop in these ‘untact’ times, brain science that is touted to be the solution of ‘Corona blue’, and the expertise on smart city will be extensively handled.