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World Knowledge Forum’s Mascot Jiboongi to Make TV Debut


Jiboongi, mascot of World Knowledge Forum (WKF), will become a fixture on TV and YouTube, to pitch for Asia’s largest annual business forum hosted by South Korea’s leading business media Maekyung Media Group.

The name of Jiboongi comes from ji, which means knowledge, and boo-uhng-yi, meaning owl, in Korean. First introduced at the 20th World Knowledge Forum held in Seoul in 2019, Jiboongi symbolizes one’s search for knowledge.

Maekung Media Group on Monday released the birth story of Jiboongi through WKF’s channel on YouTube. The video reveals that Jiboongi is a creature visiting Earth from a planet that is 20 billion light years away. It is about 2 meters tall and has an appearance of an owl. The story goes on to tell Jiboongi has been on a quest to search for new knowledge and gained an opportunity to work with the WKF organization committee.

The media group will also introduce Jiboongi in a human sized figure to take part in various events, including a quiz show broadcasted by Maeil Broadcasting Network (MBN). Jiboongi’s first TV appearance will be made through MBN at 11 p.m. on Tuesday.

By Yoon Won-sup and Cho Jeehyun