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매일경제 collective lntelligence:overcoming global pandemonium 집단지성 : 글로벌 대혼란 극복의 열쇠 THE 20th WORLD KNOWLEDGE FORUM

Immediately after the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the World Knowledge Forum was launched in October 2000 after two years of preparation with the ambition to transform Korea into a knowledge driven nation. Since then, the World Knowledge Forum has taken on the role as a platform for discussions to reduce knowledge gaps through knowledge sharing, and promote balanced global economic growth and prosperity. A total of over 4,518 global speakers and 49,800 audiences have participated since the first forum with the theme of "Shaping the New Millennium with Knowledge" in 2000, and the forum has now become the biggest knowledge festival in the world.

Past speakers at the World Knowledge Forum include the following: George W. Bush, The 43rd President of the United States of America; Tony Blair, The 73rd Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Nicolas Sarkozy, The 23rd President of the French Republic; Gerhard Schroeder, The 7th Former German Chancellor; Yoshiro Mori, The 85th Prime Minister of Japan; John Howard,

The 25th Prime Minister of Australia; Jim Y. Kim, The 12th President of World Bank; Le Luong Minh, The 13th Secretary-General of ASEAN; Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft Corporation; Richard Branson, Founder & CEO of Virgin Group; Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies; Larry Ellison, Chairman and CEO of Oracle Corporation; George Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management; Larry Summers, 71st US Secretary of the Treasury; Paul Krugman, Professor at Princeton University; Gregory Mankiw, Professor at Harvard University; Paul Kennedy, Professor at Yale University; Michael Porter, Professor at Harvard University; Francis Fukuyama, Author of “The End of History”; and Joseph E. Stiglitz, 2001 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics.

Marking the 21st anniversary of the World Knowledge Forum, speakers and audiences will gather both offline and online to discuss various
agendas under this year’s theme of “Pandenomics Perspective: Shaping New Global Symbiosis”.

Speakers are Theresa May, The 76th Prime Minister of the UK; Enrico Letta, The 55th Prime Minister of Italy; Helen Clark, The 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand; John L. Hennessy, Chairman of Alphabet; Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman of Blackstone; Kevin Sneader, Global Managing Partner of McKinsey&Company; Martin Sorrell, Founder of WPP; Patrick Soon-Shiong, Executive Chairman of LA Times; Alan Wolff, Deputy Director-General at WTO; George Friedman, Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Futures; Daron Acemoglu, Author of ‘Why Nations Fail’& Professor at MIT; and many other world renowned speakers will be attending to grace the occasion.