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[WKF 2015] Autonomous Car: Paradigm Change of Auto Industry│Karl Hedrick



It has been 100 years since humans started using automobiles as the major means of transportation. And car industry is now staring revolutionary evolution in the face as autonomous car is becoming a reality. Global automobile manufacturers have been expanding the scope of the industry by developing smart cars which incorporates IT technology and eco-friendly cars such as electric and hydrogen cars. Especially, the development of the driverless car technology is expected to transform the whole paradigm of automobile industry. Global car makers have been competitively introducing autonomous cars which are nearing the phase of mass production. Besides car makers, IT companies like Google and Apple, etc are also actively involved in developing driverless cars, which will make this competition even more heated. And it is expected that efforts to forge partnerships among traditional car makers, IT companies and auto parts companies will inevitably lead to reorganization of the auto industry. Thanks to unbelievably fast speed of technological developments, people claim autonomous cars will be introduced within 10 years. In this session, automobile experts will talk about how the autonomous car will restructure the automobile industry and potential of its technological development. - What is current status of the autonomous vehicle technology? - Where does Korea, the 5th largest auto maker, stand in the autonomous car development? - With the opening of era of autonomous car, how will the global industry map be changed? - Who, auto car makers and IT companies, will emerge as a winner in autonomous car market? - What kinds of benefits will be created from autonomous vehicle technology? ★ Youtube → ★ Facebook → ★ instagram →