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[WKF 2019] Fossil fuel phase out and Global Climate Change│Xiansheng Sun, Herman Franssen, Keun-Wook Paik



The year of 2019 is witnessing a lot of unexpected developments in global fossil fuel sector. For the first time, Europe has experienced the temperature of 46-47 degree. This unprecedented figure helped transforming a young Swedish school girl Greta Thunberg into climate change warrior. Now British government is pledging to reach net zero carbon emission by 2050. Is this bold target achievable? We need to check how the global energy transition process is really responding on this global climate change agenda. This session aims at discussing the following questions : How the success of US shale revolution will affect global oil and gas supply? How the rise of Russia will affect the status of OPEC? What are the Implications of the US led sanctions against both Iran and Russia? Will the success of ESPO oil pipeline will be repeated by connection of Altai gas pipeline (after Power of Siberia's gas supply in December 2019)? Will it transform Russia as the swing supplier of oil and gas between European and Asian oil and gas market? When sovereign funds are talking about their willingness to pull out of oil and gas production financing, how long the era of peak demand will stay? When fierce competition among Qatar, Australia, US and Russia as the LNG supplier is being intensified without a proper consideration on affordably priced LNG supply, how long the golden era of gas will last? Will the success of Russia's Arctic onshore gas based LNG export affect the global LNG price structure? What could replace the hurriedly reduced role of nuclear energy in global energy mix? What will be the alternative of the Emerging economy's addiction of coal for power? Will the absence of affordable LNG supply allow the coal addition continue? What are the challenges and opportunities of renewable energy vs fossil fuels? How to embrace the digital age to make sure the advanced technology can make the maximum contribution for the successful energy transition? Will global climate change initiative leave a meaningful legacy for the next generations? Korean government's energy policy's priority is moving away from coal and nuclear energy to renewable energy and gas. What are the key comments on this policy? How to balance the difficult transition? ★ Youtube → ★ Facebook → ★ instagram →