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[WKF 2019] K-Pop from a Global Perspective│Silvio Pietroluongo (Billboard), Helena Kosinski (Nielsen Music)



K-Pop from a Global Perspective│Silvio Pietroluongo, Helena Kosinski: Billboard is famous for its traditional and trustworthy music ranking chart. In the new media era, the record sales cannot alone be an indicator for its ranking system. Other factors are being taken into account in the Billboard chart methodology such as YouTube views. How can content be quantified in this new era? What does this have to do with K-Pop? To answer these questions, Billboard will present Billboard chart methodology used in the U.S Market and it is also applied to the Kpop chart. Nielsen joins the session to talk about the globalization of music and the power of Kpop. ★ Facebook → ★ instagram → ★ Youtube →