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[WKF 2016] Driving Strategic Innovation│Ken Morse



@ World Knowledge Forum, 2016.09.13│Driving Strategic Innovation│Ken Morse: Today, many executives, academics, and public policy leaders speak about INNOVATION. "Innovate or Die" they say. But how? There are many different kinds of Innovation, and many different ways to achieve success in Innovation. What are the challenges of implementing Incremental, Radical, and Open Innovation at your firm ? How can and should academia and government play their roles ? As Founding Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center(1996-2009), Ken Morse established the Corporate Venturing Consortium to share best practices among major firms in US, Europe and Japan. Public policy leaders collaborated as well. In this presentation, Ken will share success and failure stories, and lessons learned, to suggest pathways forward for ambitious companies, regions, and nations responding to the tsunami of global competition.


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