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[WKF 2019] Social Data & the Customer Satisfaction War│Jean Pierre Kloppers



Social Data & the Customer Satisfaction War(Jean Pierre Kloppers):


Millions of people take to social media to complain about a myriad of issues from customer experience to government service delivery. Organisations know this volunteered data is valuable but struggle to keep up with the pace, scale and volatility online feedback.


Accurately structuring how and why people feel the way they do is of high strategic value and provides a competitive advantage for organisations, their customers and stakeholders. Traditional consumer feedback metrics provide a historical view, whereas social media data allows for real-time monitoring.


BrandsEye CEO, Jean Pierre Kloppers, will present research cases illustrating how social media data is changing the way the world's biggest organisations do business.


Key discussion points:

1. Risks and opportunities of structuring public opinion at scale

2. Mapping social data to the customer journey

3. Understanding churn: why are customers leaving?

4. Net Sentiment: a real-time and accurate voice-of-customer.

5. Using social data to mitigate risk and improve market conduct performance


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