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[WKF 2019] Smart Robot│Sheng Fu



Smart Robot: Protagonist of the Productivity Revolution. People have realized that the power of AI can no longer be ignored. With machine learning and deep learning becoming the most important driving force of technological innovation and social change, the AI era based on algorithm is coming; mankind is facing another knowledge revolution.Like the Internet and the mobile Internet, AI technology is the basic foundation. It has been applied to voice, image, NLP and other fields, and has begun to develop in depth, bringing along a series of emerging industries. The continuous development of underlying technologies has enabled smart machines to gradually achieve the leap from “understanding the physical world” to “using AI in personalized scenarios”. And smart service robots will become the core carrier that leads human society to realize the leap-forward development in the AI era.Many technology companies have seen AI as the next stop for the digital revolution, and are actively laying out plans to win tickets to the AI world. The industrial Internet is facing a historic opportunity, in the new 5G era, through smart robot solutions, the real economy can be as efficient as the Internet, while maintaining its physical, real-life nature at the same time.At the national level, governments are making every effort to promote the development of AI and its integration with the real economy, which is necessary to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the real economy.


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