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[WKF 2019] President Trump and the US Foreign Policy│Reince Priebus



The geopolitical landscape has shifted dramatically in the past several years. So has Washington’s approach to international issues under President Trump’s “America First” policy. Many people believe that US renunciation of leadership and rule-based global order is leading to increasing tension and instability in the world. How much merit do these assessments have, especially on the responsibility of the US and President Trump? Mr. Reince Priebus is in a unique position to provide answers to these questions. As the longest-serving Chairman of the US Republican National Committee, he played a key role in having Mr. Trump elected as the 45th President of the United States. Then, as President Trump’s first White House Chief of Staff, Mr. Priebus worked as one of the closest advisors to President Trump on all issues facing the new government, including foreign policy issues. Mr. Priebus’ session will be moderated by Ambassador Ahn, who used to work with Mr. Priebus in his capacity as the Chairman of the RNC as well as the White House Chief of Staff. The session’s issues will include US leadership on global affairs, US-China trade war, US-ROK alliance, and North Korean denuclearization.


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